Dustin Tarpine


Dustin is a South Jersey native, growing up in Rosenhayn and attending Cumberland Regional High School. Upon graduation, Dustin attended Clemson University, and graduated in the spring of 2011 with a Bachelor's of Science in Horticulture. During two summers in school, Dustin worked under Dr. Daniel Ward of Rutgers University at the Rutgers Agricultural Research and Extension Center in Seabrook, NJ, where he found an interest in viticulture and wine production. After graduation from Clemson, Dustin worked for Jim Quarella at Bellview Winery for 3 years, learning about all aspects of grape and wine production. During this time, the company of Vinetech was formed. 


steven becker


Steven is also a South Jersey native, growing up in Rosenhayn as well. Steven attended Cumberland Regional High School and upon graduation attended Franklin and Marshall College. Here he studied Environmental Science, and graduated with a Bachelor's of Science Degree. Steven also worked under Dr. Dan Ward at the Rutgers Agricultural Research and Extension Center, and remained there employed by Dr. Andy Weynandt, an extension specialist in plant pathology. Steven also spent some time working for Bellview Winery, but was chiefly employed by Dr. Weynandt and Rutgers until the inception of Vinetech.

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Rob Becker


Robert grew up in South Jersey, alongside his brother Steven. Since joining Vinetech, he has become an integral part of our team, managing day-to-day operations in our vineyards. Robert gained his experience in the vineyard first-hand, working with Steven and Dustin to establish Cedar Rose Vineyards in 2012. He continues to be a driving force for quality management in both our clients’ vineyards and our own.