why should a grower or potential vineyard investor want to work with us?

  • Growing grapes in NJ requires specialized knowledge and equipment, especially in regards to pesticide application and disease management. Both Dustin and Steven were educated by top universities in relevant fields and trained by NJ wine industry experts. We are licensed pesticide applicators familiar with the efficacy of the different restricted-use pesticides available. We have experience that is specific to the wet, humid conditions of NJ summers. 
  • The equipment we use to plant vineyards is highly specialized. The vines are planted via GPS, creating a product that is very aesthetically pleasing, uniform, and easy to mechanize. Since our equipment is efficient, we can install vineyards at a competitive price and a faster timeline than self-installation, making our services a worthwhile investment. 
  • We are growers ourselves. We understand the risks involved with grape growing in the Northeast and work with our clients to mitigate this risk whenever possible. The success of our business is predicated on the success of our clients' vineyards. We fully understand this and strive to maintain the highest possible standards for vineyard health & sustainability. 
  • We aren't afraid to admit when we don't know something. If we can't give you a clear answer to a problem in your vineyard, we'll reach out to our various industry contacts, including researchers, winery owners, and other vineyard managers, to work on a solution to your problem. 
  • We fully understand that cold-injury is the most limiting factor to growing vines in NJ. We take all precautions to avoid cold injury and are always on the lookout for new practices and technologies that can reduce the risk of cold injury. 
  • We work with our clients to understand the specifics of investing in a vineyard asset. By illustrating return on investment, capital inputs, and cash flow, we try to give our clients a holistic understanding of the investment they are considering. 
  • We love it! We manage vineyards because we enjoy managing vineyards. We want you to have a beautiful, productive vineyard because its not only rewarding for you, its rewarding for us. 
  • Vinetech is an Associate Member of the Outer Coastal Plain Vineyard Association and is an active proponent for the growth and evolution of the New Jersey wine industry.