“No two projects are alike, so we craft our programs to accommodate the individual needs of each client.”


Vineyard development

Vinetech offers a variety of vineyard development services to assist the prospective vineyard owner in getting started, or the current vineyard owner in expanding their operation.

Vineyard Consulting

Our consulting services span the range from site discovery to vineyard evaluation. We are here to provide you with the best and most relevant information available for the conditions in Mid-Atlantic region.


Vineyard Management

Managing a vineyard can be overwhelming. We’re dedicated to assisting our clients in fulfilling their management goals, no matter how big or small.  


The decisions that are made during development will affect the vineyard throughout its lifetime. Making sure that the site is properly evaluated, and that the decisions made are the most appropriate for the specific site conditions, will go a long way in preventing future problems and maximizing vineyard health and productivity. 

Vinetech offers a full range of vineyard establishment services to assist the prospective vineyard owner in getting started or the current vineyard owner in expanding their operation. Available services are listed below: 

  • Post-driven trellis pole installation 
  • Trellis wire installation 
  • Installation of Herbicide guards on young vines 
  • Seeding of grass in aisles to prevent erosion and weed competition
  • Site analysis and evaluation 
  • Vineyard planning and design 
  • Acquisition of vineyard establishment materials 
  • Physical planting of vines using our GPS-guided system 


Vineyard Management consists of any activities performed on the vineyard once established. These activities fall into a few major Management Services categories, listed below: 

Winter Pruning

Winter Pruning Services

Vinetech also offers winter pruning services. We work withour clients to find the best training system and pruning method for each variety in their vineyard. This can include young vine pruning, cane pruning, spur pruning, and other pruning styles, i.e., Pendelbogen, Smart-Dyson, etc

Disease and Pest Management


A comprehensive pest and disease management strategy should be the keystone of any quality vineyard management program on the east coast. As licensed pesticide applicators, we know which materials should be applied when, and craft a program that encompasses preventative measures such as scouting and cover sprays.


Vineyard Rehabilitation


Vinetech offers the following rehabilitation services to assist when unexpected repairs are needed: broken trellis pole replacement, wire and hardware repair, vine removal, augering of holes under existing trellis, and hand replanting using best practices

Vineyard Maintenance


Vinetech provides basic site maintenance services. We offer the following services: Mowing grass in aisles between rows, Rototilling of row middles to decrease weed pressure or prepare for grass seeding, Hilling/Dehilling - raising the soil next to the vines up above the graft union to protect against potentially damaging extreme winter lows (this also includes removal of the hill in the spring), and Bird Netting - Vinetech can install and stow both existing "fruit-zone" type netting, as well as the more traditional "over-the-top" style netting, to prevent potential bird problems in our clients’ vineyards.

Grape Harvest Vineyard

harvest services

High quality fruit leads to a high value product, and we feel that harvesting by hand provides the highest quality fruit. Hand harvesting limits excess foliage and debris often associated with machine harvesting. This helps to express the true character of each variety. We assist our clients by supplying labor and coordinating the harvest process. We can also aid in finding buyers for the fruit, as well as transportation & delivery.

before shoot thinning.jpg

cultural management services

When it comes to cultural management, timing is everything. Vinetech has the knowledge, experience, and technology to execute all practices in a timely manner, reducing the cost while maximizing quality. The individual cultural management services we offer are Shoot thinning & suckering, Vine tying, Shoot positioning & tucking, Leaf pulling, Lateral removal, Cluster thinning, and Hedging.


Vineyard management consists of any activities performed in the vineyard once established. These activities can be grouped into a few major categories, listed below. We understand that each client has a different desired level of involvement with the management of their vineyard. Keeping this in mind, we offer a-la-carte style service packages tailored to each Client’s individual preferences. This can range from an all-inclusive management package to a single service. 

  • Strategic pest and disease management
  • Best practices evaluation for cultural management
  • Crop estimation
  • Fruit quality evaluation, including °brix, pH, and TA
  • Overall vineyard evaluation. 
  • Site discovery and selection.  
  • Vineyard layout and design
  • Vine selections, including variety, clone, and rootstock
  • Growing system, including vine training method and trellis style